Member services expands with the addition of Visa credit cards, IRAs and CDs, share draft accounts, CUE phone, mortgage lending and Automated Teller Machines.

Growth expands as mergers continue with several other credit unions:

Missouri Pacific Credit Union (Union Pacific employees)
Mitzvah Credit Union (served Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Bi-State Development employees)
Gould Century Electric Credit Union
Our Lady of Sorrows Credit Union

Home equity loans and quality assurance programs are implemented.

An attempt is made to change the Credit Union’s name, but is met with opposition from the Board of Directors.

Later, the field of membership is expanded to community organizations.


University City branch opens.


In the mid ’80s, the Credit Union had financial difficulties, with high loan losses and an edict from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) in late 1986 to turn the Credit Union around in 90 days.

New President William Humpfer comes on board December 16, 1986. The asset size is $30 million.


Patrick Adams is hired in January 1987 as Vice President of Operations. There were several additional employees at that time who are still with the Credit Union today:

Rhonda Atkinson
Patti Hille
Regina Hunter
Connie Johnston
Linda Moore
Darrell Orr
Penny Peters
Francine Williams