Who We Are

St. Louis Community Credit Union is more than a credit union. We’re a leader and voice for social justice in the financial services world. For 75 years and counting, we have been changing lives and giving back to the individuals and communities we humbly serve.

We meet the ever-growing banking needs of all people, including low- and moderate-income individuals. Because we are a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we can offer better rates and fewer fees than most large financial institutions.

As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we are committed to providing an outstanding selection of checking, savings and loan opportunities to help individuals and families create pathways to wealth.

With 15 branch locations, we reach into some of St. Louis’ most financially underserved ZIP codes, including mini-branch offices inside social service agencies. We also operate 17 ATMs, plus participate in a credit union shared branching and ATM network that features thousands of locations nationwide.

Your membership with us means something. When you do business with St. Louis Community, you are making a difference. We give back to the communities we serve by:

Offering affordable auto and home loans, second-chance checking products, savings accounts, credit building services and a payday loan alternative

Placing locations in underserved communities where we are needed most

Delivering free, hands-on financial education

We’re part of the communities we reach. With 175+ full-time employees, our connection is real.

We’ve come a long way throughout our 75-year rich history. Today, St. Louis Community Credit Union has more than $250 million in assets and serves more than 53,000 members. We’re thrilled to look back on our history and even more excited to look ahead to our bright future.

To learn more, please visit stlouiscommunity.com.

We’re part of the communities we reach. With 175-plus full-time employees, our connection is real.
What we do matters.

Our Story:
A Legacy of Impact


For 75 years, St. Louis Community Credit Union has been built on a tradition of excellence and dedication to the St. Louis region. Our rich history and bright future inspire us every day as an institution dedicated to providing financial management opportunities to families and individuals of all economic backgrounds.

Our Members Are
Our Greatest Reward

Leo first became a St. Louis Community Credit Union member in 2008 when his mother, a 17-year member herself, opened up accounts for all her children. When his mother passed away suddenly, he didn’t know what to do. He asked a St. Louis Community Credit Union Member Service Representative for guidance. She helped Leo and his siblings sort out policies, deal with insurance, fax and send documents and get everything in order. Leo was able to secure an auto loan, which helped him purchase a new car rather than hold on to his mother’s vehicle — something he never before thought he could do.

Next up: Leo says he is thinking about buying a home of his own. He plans to go to the Excel Center for their free class on home buying and find out more about the process.

“I have been a proud member of SLCCU for several years. I had become very discouraged with the banking institutions as a whole. SLCCU truly restored my faith in banking. I have a multitude of horror stories from past banking experiences at other institutions. I applaud SLCCU for their excellent — and I mean excellent customer service. I use a multitude of branches in the city and county and have never been disappointed with the service that I have encountered. I appreciate all the perks that come with being a member of SLCCU. Thank you for the service you provide to the community!”
– Sharon D.

“I remember when I had my youngest child, who was born with Down syndrome and other medical issues. I knew then I needed to be more established for my children. I was very proud of myself for being able to go and establish an account for myself and my children. Having a bank account allows you to see and feel a different side of responsibility, a sense of pride and self-regulation of oneself to TRUST an organization to hold your life savings. I started with St. Louis Community Credit Union when I was 19 years old with 3 children. I have currently been a member for 27 years. Every chance I get, I encourage individuals to open an account and refer them to St. Louis Community Credit Union.”
– Belinda C.

“With all of the many programs that the Credit Union has established within the community, as well as giving back to the community, it has helped individuals to re-build or establish credit with the Freedom Loan program. Offering classes on finance is amazing!  All of my family and friends have joined over the years because of the personal care that the employees of the Credit Union exemplify.  It’s like one big, happy family.”
– Toni S.

“I joined the St. Louis Community Credit Union for the following 5 reasons:
1. Customer Service: Credit union customer satisfaction consistently ranks higher than banks, and there is a reason why: At a credit union, you are a member, not a number, which means you have a say in some of the activities of your local credit union. It also means you are treated with the same respect as everyone else.
2. Expertise: Financial matters can be complicated. Not only are staff members friendly and open, they have years of experience to help you make important decisions.
3. Full Line of Products and Services: Most credit unions can give you the same services as a bank, including checking, savings, ATMs, debit cards, investment funds, mortgage loans, car loans and even school loans.
4. Better Interest Rates and Lower Fees: When you’re getting better interest rates and paying lower fees, you get to keep and save more of YOUR money, helping you take charge of your financial life.
5. Credit Unions Give Back: Credit unions believe in giving back to the communities they serve through event sponsorships, scholarships, financial literary assistance, and more. Your community is, literally, their community.”
– Dr. Karessa M.

“I have been a member from the time it was once the St. Louis Teachers Credit Union. I attended a special meeting in 1989 to return to work and inform my agency that there was a much better credit union out there that provided more for our employees. I was the accounting supervisor at the time in charge of human recourses. Your credit union offered a free checking account service if I could get at least 50 employees to join. Long story short, with the information I returned with, I was able to get 85 employees to join.

I am currently in a different department with the agency, but I, as well as several other employees, are still members of this credit union. Keep up the good services you provide!”
– Amanda S.

Our Staff:
The Heart and Soul of Our Organization


St. Louis Community Credit Union is proud to employ experienced, enthusiastic staff from all backgrounds. Our employees know the importance of quality, caring service and the value of a smile. At St. Louis Community Credit Union, we don’t just create jobs — we foster relationships and build careers.



Rhonda A.
35 years with SLCCU

What made you want to work here?
Actually, I had a bad experience earlier in the day while looking for a job. I was headed home feeling defeated. As I was passing by the Forest Park office and saw a busy place, I thought, “Hmm, maybe they are hiring.” I came in to fill out an application. There were a few individuals waiting. I spoke to the receptionist and I guess I impressed her. She commented on my suit that I had on. I was the only one dressed to impress that day.

What has compelled you to stay with the Credit Union?
Over the years, the Credit Union has given us a plethora of products and services, and in turn I have learned so many things. I have made lasting member relationships. As I began to feel fulfilled with my job and the gratitude members have displayed, I realized this was where I was meant to be. I stumbled in here by accident, and it turned out to be one of the most beneficial decisions in my life.
No regrets!

What makes you get up and come to work every day?
When you have a job to do, people are depending on you. Be the integrity keeper and be diligent about getting to work on time. This shows that you are dependable and that you can handle the task whether the boss is there or not. It is not hard to do.

What is your hope for the Credit Union’s next 75 years?
My hope is that the Credit Union keeps on thriving as a financial wellness option for the community we serve. With that view in mind, I know that song by Gloria Gaynor… with a slight twist: We will survive!

Meagan C.
6 years with SLCCU

What made you want to work here?
I wanted a career with an organization that contributed to people’s lives and the community as a whole. St. Louis Community exemplified the credit union philosophy of people helping people. I researched a lot of credit unions; when I found SLCCU, I knew it was the right place for my ideals.

What has compelled you to stay with the Credit Union?
The positive impact SLCCU and Prosperity Connection® continue to make in our communities. What we do is incredibly unique and important in St Louis. Access to affordable, quality financial services is a key element in improving the economic landscape of St. Louis. It is not the only element, which is why Prosperity Connection is vital. They provide the additional education and services that help improve people’s quality of life.

What makes you get up and come to work every day?
I really enjoy what I do and the people I work with. Even on the bad days, I remember how lucky I am to work with great people and work on interesting projects.

What is your hope for the Credit Union’s next 75 years?
I hope that SLCCU and Prosperity Connection have continued growth throughout the area and beyond. As the needs of the community evolve, so shall the Credit Union, continuing to offer what people need to help them.



Regina H.
39 years with SLCCU

What made you want to work here?
I was in grade school, and one day we were on our way to my cousin’s house, and I said, “I want to work there.” I was not sure as to what the St. Louis Teachers Credit Union did, but I wanted to be there at the Forest Park location. I believe it was a spiritual thing, because at the age of 22 I started my career at St. Louis Teachers CU, and now, 39 years later, I’m still here helping people.

What has compelled you to stay with the Credit Union?
I like what we do in and for the community we serve. We listen to the needs of the people we serve and our staff, and then create products and services to meet these needs, while keeping the Credit Union moving forward. Most of the time it’s been the people I work with, as well as the members I take care of, who have compelled me to stay in this field. I don’t want to call it work; I’ll say it’s a ministry of people helping people, internally and externally.

What makes you get up and come to work every day?
The people I will interact with and help each day.

What is your hope for the Credit Union’s next 75 years?
That we continue to look at and listen to our staff and mem­bers to see what the people’s needs are and then create the service or product that meets the need. Most of all, I wish SLCCU continued success in all that we put our hands to. May God continue to bless this business!

Our Impact

From Our Partners


“SLCCU represents one of Enterprise Car Sales’ longest-standing credit union partnerships. We continue to take great pride in this partnership because many of SLCCU’s values align with ours. SLCCU has a reputation for taking outstanding care of its members. Likewise, at Enterprise, exceptional customer service has always been our No. 1 priority. And because serving the community is one of Enterprise’s founding values, we are happy to work with SLCCU — an organization also dedicated to supporting a variety of local causes. When SLCCU and Enterprise work together, our customers, our members and our community are better off.”

Tom Boyle
Group Car Sales Manager
Enterprise Car Sales, St. Louis Group

“St. Louis Community Credit Union connects us to the community in very meaningful and innovative ways, and helps us achieve impactful results. They’re dependable and trustworthy….they deliver what they promise. Our partnership has exceeded our most optimistic expectations!”

Suzanne Hough
Vice President
Community Development, Carrollton Bank

“The collaborating work Kingdom House has done with St. Louis Community Credit Union has been life-changing for our participants and played a major role in us developing a strong high-impact Financial Stability program. Participants are buying homes after living in public housing for all their life, saving is happening for the first time and cars are being bought allowing access to better jobs. We are thankful for their mission and vision of supporting the under-resourced.”

Scott E. Walker
Kingdom House

75 Reasons to Bank with Us

1. We give back to the community

2. We’re a Community Development Financial Institution

3. Local job creation

4. Partnerships with social service agencies

5. Low interest rates

6. Caring volunteer Board of Directors

7. 53,000+ members strong

8. Fewer fees

9. We serve all people, including low- to moderate-income individuals

10. Second chances

11. We help create pathways to wealth

12. We hire from the communities we serve

13. We don’t judge, we help

14. Free financial coaching through our partner Prosperity Connection

15. We humbly serve our members and the community with dignity and respect

16. We provide financial hope

17. We exist to increase the standard of living and better the lifestyle of our members, our staff and the communities we humbly serve

18. We believe people are more important than money

19. 15 branches and growing

20. We meet people where they are

21. Our impact goes beyond numbers

22. Ninety-eight percent of all city residents live within two miles of a St. Louis Community Credit Union branch

23. Convenience

24. Community giveback with every loan

25. We are a leader and voice for social justice in the financial services world

26. We help hardworking people get back and forth to work with affordable auto loans

27. Online Banking 24/7

28. We are more than just a credit union

29. Mini-branches inside social service agencies

30. We help people achieve the American dream through home ownership

31. Commitment to diversity

32. We are a Minority Depository Institution

33. We love our members and the feeling is mutual

34. Fast approvals

35. Saturday hours at select branches

36. Happy employees make happy members

37. Caring service

38. Just $1 to open an account

39. No minimum balances

40. Courtesy pay

41. Our overdraft protection fee is just $18

42. Our partners at Enterprise help our members secure reliable transportation

43. We help our members save money

44. We are the Social Conscience of Banking

45. Highly trained and experienced staff

46. Insurance offerings

47. Passion to serve

48. We volunteer in the community annually through our Mission Giveback Day

49. Free shred day

50. People over profits

51. We’re purpose driven

52. We were named as one of the Top Workplaces in the area by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

53. Free credit check ups

54. Holiday and vacation savings

55. Member feedback is important to us

56. Helpful Contact Center

57. We are accountable to members, not shareholders

58. Hassle-free check cashing and money orders

59. We have strong relationships with our community partners

60. Member-first focus

61. You’re a member-owner, not a customer

62. Safe, affordable and accessible financial services and products

63. Great technology through the Interactive Teller Solution service

64. We stay true to who we are

65. Branches in underserved communities

66. Financial capability

67. We are a trusted solution

68. We create jobs and build careers

69. We impact communities for the better

70. Unwavering commitment to service

71. We’re a movement, not an industry

72. People helping people

73. What we do matters

74. Doing business with us helps build a stronger community

75. 75 years of humble service

Our Giveback

Giving back to the communities where we live and work is an important part of our heritage. We look forward to serving the community for many years to come.